Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pen N13 - Berapit: DAP Ong Kok Fooi

About Me
May 17, 2008 by lydiaong
In my previous life, I was a wife to a loving husband and a mother to two beautiful children.
I was active in a lot of association and club activities.
I was an NGI working with victims of sexual crimes and their families. Names of victims which we’ll all soon forget, but the heinous crimes done to them - they stay in the mind, refused to be erased and come back to haunt us every time we walk out of the house (or worst even when we are alone at home) or everytime we see our Mother or daughters or female family members or friends walk out the door.
And then on March 8th 2008, I became a YB.
By protocol, they call me Yang Berhormat - YB. But in principle, my principle, I am Yang Berkhidmat.
All the voices we cried from below, all the tears we shed, they used to echo back to us as if we were crying out to cold hollow caves. Now I am there, we are there, the Rakyat is there. We are in the position to hear the appeals of the abused, marginalized, the oppressed.
Suddenly, we are empowered to do something…suddenly, I have to take leave from my husband and my children to look after a bigger family. Suddenly, my family is extended to include all the Rakyat in Penang whom I have the responsibility to care for, to love and to protect.

Lydia Ong Kok Fooi

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kok hoong said...

If Hutan Lipur Bukit Mertajam is under your concerned please ask the authority to take action against the cleaning and maintenance on the facility of the Hutan Lipur. The condition is very bad and look like no body care the park.