Sunday, March 15, 2009


EXTRACT FROM The Might Of The Pen

After some contacts are made with our previously trained volunteers in Sarawak we are now closer to what can be done for conducting an election observation in Batang Ai by-election: the limitation of resources (lack of funding, short time, resources stretched by 2 other simultaneous by-elections) means that we may adopt the following strategy:

* provide training to observers by sending 1-2 trainers to Batang Ai;
*provide voters education material to Batang Ai for mass circulation;
*arrange for SPR tags for trained observers to do observation inside the polling centres where the observers cast their votes;
* provide internet outlets for the reports they may send by phones/internet etc.

To raise the fund for conducting the observation mission we are calling upon generous Malaysians-whether from the Sarawak or Peninsular to donate generously towards the training session which is coming up on Mar 15th in Batang Ai itself. The isolation of the constituency means that more chances for breaches of the rules of free and fair elections to happen-thus the more need to keep the election operation under closer scrutiny. The political importance of the by-election-as a test of popularity of the current Sarawak state government, means that the election would be hotly contested - another factors that heighten the chance of `dirty politics’!

The training is aimed at empowering the observers to report regularly all the hanky panky that are likely to take place where few people can see.

Donation target:
* Airfare and incidental for 1 trainer to go to Batang Ai & back -about Rm1,000.00;
* Transport subsidies, communication and training material for trainees to attend the training session at Batang Ai -about RM 6000.00

So a very economic package for the observation mission. Please donate generously so we can send you precious reports from the ground with 8006 voters. Far as it may be from most Malaysians’ consciousness Batang Ai is as much a part of Malaysia as any other -thus our wish not to ignore the by-election, as we would not other by-elections. With many Sarawakian friends help secured in arranging the trip we hope that you can do your part in keeping the election under as close a scrutiny as we can manage.

Please contact us if you are interested to donate towards the mission: 013-5900339 (Ong BK)

Many thanks in advance. Ong BK March 06, 2009 19:13 PM


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