Friday, July 11, 2008

“Lioness Azizah Attacks,BN Elephants Stampede”-Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini team of Rahmah Ghazali and Fauwaz Abdul Aziz has been busy at Parliament house garnering comments from Nazri,Liow,Liew,Salang,Saravanan and Bung. The full comments can be read at :-

True to her word the “Lioness” after moving and sidesteping the Sharkman,the “Lioness” attacks at 3.45pm. Opposition Leader Dr Azizah (PKR-Permatang Pauh) filed the motion at the Dewan Rakyat speaker’s office. In the motion

* The BN achieved its simple majority by manipulating the election committee and through lies
* The price of fuel was raised
* BN parliamentarians threatened and forced not to speak
* People are faced with crisis as the food and fuel price escalates.
* Peoples confidence in police,judiciary and attorney-general on the decline
* Crime and corruption on the increase.

Dr. Azizah said Pakatan’s decision to move the motion was influenced by the rakyat as well as disgruntled members in BN. Meanwhile the speaker Pandikar Amin said he would not bow down to pressure from all sides and would exercise the powers permitted under the Standing Orders.

Of course this did not go to well with the BN legislators and Bung Mohktar said they want to be the government by hook or by crook. After the elections, they want to change the government through the back door.Bung went on to say why does the opposition want to table a motion of no-confidence against the government? What is the agenda?

So the Lioness has moved in for the kill and of course the BN elephants would protect the herd. You will have a field day trying to figure out what was said and Nazri as usual had this ”Rubbish” There’s nothing in the Standing Orders to provide for such a thing. It is such a waste of time. There are better things to talk about.

Well according to a former group editor of an english daily, the main objective has been achieved by Pakatan and the political integrity and damage has been done. We will know by Monday what is the outcome……


Anonymous said...

Excuse me and qgood evening, I would request if you want to repost an article from another blog kindly inform the author as a courtesy . Thank you for picking up my article."Lioness rules"

Fadzil Mashood said...

Are you doing this to test the "water" before going for "kill"? Hopefully this strategy works else you better go for the "kill" straightway.

artic turban said...

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One of the risks posed is the possession of bogus passports
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A Home Office report identifies bogus passports, criminal acts and terrorism as possible risks posed by visitors.

It says the new visa requirements could become law by early 2009.

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We need to decide how to widen the visa net. We cannot and will not shy away from going wider

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Levels of illegal working in the UK and other immigration abuses, levels of crime and the risk of a visitor committing a terrorist act were also considered.

lovemalaysia said...

Actually Bung Mokhtar is just like any Tom , Dick & Harry, I wonder why their people vote for him...the other components MCA & MIC or even Gerakan have no balls at corruptions

Nostradamus said...

Jeyklls and Hydes in Malaysia. Are you?

Malaysians in dilemma? So many events and news both real and unreal. Don’t know who to believe? Bombarded with too much spins. These are the quotes, we now hear.

“Give up”, “Fed up”, “Wait and See”, “Lost interest”, “Headache”, “Cannot believe anyone”, “Who to believe ah?”, “Niamah”, “Pening kepala”, “Pening otak”, “Sudah lah”, “Pi mampus”, “Insyallah (God Willing)” or raise your palm and fist and put them together on National tv or or or or other blogs.

Why? Because it depends on what you want to perceive and your bias toward your own race, color, religion, party, groups, interests, superiority or plain dumbness.

That makes you something of a Jeykll and Hyde if you can’t differentiate between facts and fictions, good and evil, right and wrong, true or false. Too many Malaysians can’t decide now whether to become Jeykll or whether to become Hyde or when to become Jeykll or when to become Hyde.

Think hard and search your conscience from deep within and “Viola” you can differenciate between Night from Day. Throw out bias towards race, creed, superiority, affiliations, religion and beliefs, greed, power, cronyism etc and then see whether some of the things happening around is right or wrong , true or false, evil or good, facts or fiction.

1. Altantuya was killed and blown to bits. (Fact or Fiction).
2. Sodomy is as evil as murder. (True or False).
3. Anyone accused are innocent until proven guilty. (True or False).
4. Statutory Declarations and Police reports can be made to fool people. (True/False).
5. Anyman or woman will swear on his religion or beliefs to save his own skin. (True/False).
6. Race superiority is needed to rule Malaysians. (Fact or Fiction).
7. Religious superiority is needed to rule Malaysians. (Fact or Fiction).
8. All poor people need to be helped by Government. (True or False).
9. Corruption is a fact of life and should be tolerated. (Fact or Fiction).
10. ISA is needed because prevention is better than cure. (Fact or Fiction).
11. Free education is a right for all Malaysian children. (True or False).
12. Free healthcare is a right of all Malaysians. (True/False).
13. Free speech is a right of all Malaysians. (True/False).
14. Freedom of religions and beliefs is a right of all Malaysians. (True/False).
15. Liberty is a right of all Malaysians. (True/False).
16. All Malaysians and the world can be converted to a single culture, religion, race in future. (Fact or Fiction).

To be continued……